Safa Investment Services is the world’s first independent Islamic wealth and asset management brand. No other bank or investment company anywhere insures the independent selection of sharia-compliant assets into the accounts of its customers, resulting in efficient asset allocations into portfolios comprising “best of class” global securities.


We assembled a professional team to serve clients in Geneva, Switzerland. Safa services are offered for institutional and individual clients.

The Safa team is fully supported by professional compliance, information technology, legal and accounting staff.


Our Beliefs


Professional media and conferences.

Safa Investment Services is honored to frequently appear in professional media and conferences.

Public outreach serves two purposes. One, it educates and informs the public on cutting-edge developments in Islamic wealth & asset management. Two, it challenges conventional asset management to find new and better ways to serve Muslim and other clients who want respect for sharia. Media inquiries may be made to this form.


Social Responsibility & Ethics

The core principles of sharia are serving God, family and community, principles shared across all major faiths.

By investing according to sharia one avoids excessive debt, industries of questionable moral value, and an inherent respect for the community.

We believe sharia-compliant investing is among the most socially responsible investment strategies available to investors today.

Contact us

Inquiries may be made to:

Safa Investment Services S.A.
3, avenue Adrien-Jeandin
1226 Thonex, Geneva.
Telephone: +41 (22) 310-6211