What is Islamic Asset Management?

Professional asset management involves four key steps:

Client Profile

Getting to know what the client need by knowing the client.

Investment Strategy

Choosing the best strategy to achieve the client’s investment goals.

Asset Allocation

Choosing weights in each asset category

  1. cash
  2. fixed income
  3. equities
  4. alternative investment

Security Selection

Choosing “best of class” securities for each asset category

Diversification is essential to successful investing. It is the heart of Modern Portfolio Theory.

Safa Investment Services follows these classic steps, as does any professional asset manager.

The difference between conventional and Islamic asset management comes in respecting sharia, which only enters in the final stage, Security Selection.

Proprietary Databases & Investment Processes

Fundamental to security selection is having information on all assets in the Islamic asset universe. Just as conventional asset managers use advanced data sources to screen and filter their investible universe, so does Safa. But, Safa uses the world’s only professional database of all sharia-compliant investments worldwide. No other investment company has this resource.

Safa rejects any asset that is too small, too new, too illiquid, or that is not transparent. We seek and find the world’s best sharia-compliant investments, with fatwa from credible sharia scholars.

Our portfolio optimization software helps us achieve optimized portfolios, custom designed for each client.

The result is Safa Investment Services, the only professional independent asset management service in the world that has full respect of sharia.